Tess Everett : IG @tesseverett

Tess Everett is an established Melbourne photographer who specialises in advertising, fashion and editorial photography. Working with brands such as Lululemon, FCUK, Nicole Fendel, Beach Club, Thomas Jewellers, Telstra, Latrobe, Chemmart, Vintage Cellars and many more.

Hunter Griffin : IG @hunter_griffin1

Born in Melbourne, Australia Hunter fell in love with the ability photography offered, being able to draw true emotions out of  his subjects. Ultimately he was attracted to the freedom photography offered – being able to express his own emotions and allowing his imagination become a reality.

Josh Lorschy: IG @lorschyphotography

Josh is a 17 year-old student and content creator based in Sydney, Australia. Inspired by a passion for the outdoors, his work aims to capture and share the beauty of natural environments from around the world. Excited by the possibility of sharing special moments with the world, Josh has been an avid photographer since the age of 12. Over the last couple of years he has also developed and interest in videography, graphic design and animation. Fascinated by humanity’s role in the environment, his work aims to motivate others to appreciate and explore our beautiful earth

Cooper Fennell: IG @couuthomas

Cooper is a Melbourne based creative, who spreads his wings across a number of creative disciplines including film making, content creation, fashion design and visual arts. Cooper has always understood the importance of having creative span and not boxing yourself into one creative identity, and because of this, he can always be found doing something different every day. As time has past and Cooper has gained more experience, he has quickly realised that he wants to be a forward thinker in his creativity, and attempt things that few others are doing, rather than focus on the current phases of now. He hopes to one day make waves in the film and design industry, and be to remembered long after as someone who took stuck true to himself, took chances and changed the game. So stay tuned to his work for some exciting things to come.



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