The HiSmile Edit ☆

HiSmile – Smile, Shine, Share

The ALL NEW HiSmile Coco Bundle – Designed for optimum results!

I’ll be honest, I’ve always been a little sceptical of all the online teeth whitening brands but after trying HiSmile I’ll never turn back! In this pack (or bundle) you get one of the HiSmile teeth whitening pack and then also their new coconut whitening mouth wash

The Kit: valued at $79.99 AUD

How does it work?

The HiSmile teeth whitening gel has been formulated to gently whiten both inner and outer teeth stains, whilst maintaining no damage to the enamel. What makes HiSmile really stand out for me is not only do you get noticeably whiter teeth, but it only takes 10 minutes out of your day! After only 6 applications you can have up to 8 shades brighter teeth and be proud of your smile.

But what about sensitivity???

The Sodium Bicarbonate ensures that the teeth whitening gel maintains a high PH level. This protects your teeth from erosion and enamel damage that could have been encountered – whilst still maintaining maximum whitening results.

The Mouthwash: valued at $39.99 AUD.

HiSmile have finally perfected a blend of oils and sodium bicarbonate to create a refreshing whitening mouthwash. It is also the most effective mouthwash of its kind – getting results in only 2 minutes. In the pack, you get 5 x 30ml and an instructional manual to guide you through the process.

Health Benefits?

“Oil pulling also extracts toxins and dirt from your mouth, boosting your immune system and eliminating bad breath. By swishing once every two days you are keeping your gums clean and healthy.”

Through combining both products and regularly using them, your teeth will be absolutely shining and you won’t be able to wipe the grin off your face!

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