XOXO Smiles ☆

For a while I thought that activated charcoal all-organic teeth whitening was a myth... apparently not! XOXO Smiles is a brand bringing you all natural teeth whitening through a powder produced by activated coconut shell charcoal. "They say that opposites attract, and we are here to prove it! We know that whitening your teeth by brushing... Continue Reading →


ETE Swimwear ☆

Ete (Eh-Teh) Swimwear is an Australian boutique swimwear label for the "feminine adventurer". Featuring a range of unique prints and crochet bikinis. Through a recent collaboration with fashion and lifestyle blogger Matilda Djerf, the growing label produced a boho, island-vibe collection named MatildaxEte which has become widely popular across social media. Pictured I am wearing the... Continue Reading →


Athletikan - think classy meets lifetstyle. Australia's first ever sneaker label has officially landed!  Launched by Melbourne based friends Joe Tamburrino and Robbie Ball, the limited supply of shoes already has thousands on the wait-list. “We feel for too long, too few have dominated the sneaker game and it is time for a new and... Continue Reading →


Buddy Scrub... "your new friend with benefits". Buddy Scrub is an all natural, vegan-friendly an cruelty free range of skincare products that will exfoliate, nourish and moisturise your skin and help improve the appearance of dry skin. The fast growing Australian brand have truly got the recipe right with this one and left my skin feeling smoother, softer... Continue Reading →

L’Avenir Est Launch Party ☆

This event was held at an event space on Flinders Street, Melbourne and was insane. L’AVENIR EST was founded in Melbourne, August 2016 by Pepe S. Siyavong and Shayne Tino. "L’AVENIR EST is not just a clothing brand. It is a brand of the future. Representing the youth, the culture of streetwear, fashion & art, it... Continue Reading →


From the same crew who brought you AOS Coffee Brewers, Tinker Northcote, MOB Camberwell and Temperance society...... I present PENTA. The amazing team at Penta had me down for breakfast recently and it was absolutely AH-MAZING! Their extensive range of smoothies, coffees, healthy food options and sweet treat splurges will have you covered no matter what... Continue Reading →


I have joined the SandCloud team as an ambassador! Sandcloud donates 10% of all their profits to marine life conservation. Their mission is "to protect our oceans and marine life." If you want some awesome, comfy threads head over to their website: https://www.sandcloudtowels.com/ Tips for a healthy planet Avoid plastic wrappings, styrofoam/polystyrene, and plastic bags when shopping. Keep your... Continue Reading →

Act for Peace ☆ Ration Challenge

Hi everyone! I am taking on the Act for Peace Ration Challenge during Refugee Week and opening my eyes to what it's like for refugees to survive on rations. From 17-23 June I will be eating the same rations as a Syrian refugee - just a small amount of rice, lentils, chick peas, sardines, oil... Continue Reading →

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